This eye is inspired by all of the gorgeous creatures from the feline family! Ok, hear me out. Tigers, leopards and cheetahs all have black rims around their eyes that really frame them. But it’s more than that. We can all rim our eyes with a black pencil (still one of my favorite looks!). And we can all draw a cat eye. But this combines the two and adds a little V in the inside corner. Why? Oh just to make it more stylized and like an exotic little cat! It’s 100% wearable, I promise. And quite sexy. I exaggerated the inside corner a little on our model above but you can shorten it and still get the same effect. Here’s how:


  • A Fine Brush Liquid Liner — I used Blinc Ultrathin Liquid Liner Pen because it’s the finest brush I’ve every found, making it super user friendly.
  • A Black Kajal Liner — I used Stila Kajal Liner in Onyx because it’s incredibly intense.


  1. Draw two parallel lines. Find the end of your brow first and draw a line towards it at the end of your lashline. Then match the same angle at the inner corner of your eye going downwards, but a 1/4 of the distance.
  2. A quarter of the way down the wing at the outside corner, draw an upside-down V shape, making the V very narrow as illustrated above.
  3. Draw a line along the lashline that connects the two lines and fill in the V shape on the outside corner.
  4. Thicken the line along the lashline.
  5. Rim the inner waterline.

Finish with mascara and pair it with any lip color you want!


Make-up INSPO

11 Feb








¡Hola, chicas! Dentro de tres días es San Valentín, así que he pensado que sería buena idea compartir con vosotras algunas ideas sobre maquillaje; que por supuesto os servirían para cualquier otra ocasión si así lo deseais 😉

Hi, ladies! In three days it will be Valentine’s day, so I thought it would be a great occasion to give some make-up ideas, which will be useful for any other occasion if you wish 😉

Source: Pinterest

Nail Art Express: texturized tie-dye

 ¡Hola Chicas!
Esta semana tenemos un tutorial de manicura otoñal que hizo la bloggera Dare to DIY, de la cual soy una fiel seguidora. No vais a necesitar pinceles ni ningún tipo de material especial, solamente un trocito de papel de aluminio. Lo podéis llevar a cabo en unos minutos y es perfecto por si no os atrevéis con nail arts más complicados, pero os aburren las manicuras clásicas.
Espero que os guste y que lo probéis en infinidad de combinaciones de colores 😉
Hi girls!
This week we have a Autumnal manicure tutorial that the blogger Dare to DIY (from whom I’m fan) did. You won’t need any special material, only a piece of aluminium sheet. You can create it in a couple of minutes and it’s perfect if you don’t dare to make more complicated manicures but you’re bored with classical ones.
I hope you like it and you try it with lots of different colors 😉

Make-up fashion: White Lines

El delineado en blanco es un básico en el kit de todo maquilllador artístico – ¡agranda los ojos sobremanera! Además se lleva mucho esta temporada, y es muy fácil de aplicar, ¡prueba el estilo que más te guste! Échale un vistazo a estos truquitos para hacerlo tú misma.

White eyeliner is an essential tool that every makeup artist has in their kit – it’s a real eye opener! Furthermore, it’s really in this season, and it’s easy to use. Try the style that you prefer! Check out some tips on how to do it yourself.

(images via here, here, herehere, here, here, and here)

HAIR INSPO: braids

500_hair_beauty_ideas_beautiful_peinados_diy_bonitos_diyearte (4)

500_hair_beauty_ideas_beautiful_peinados_diy_bonitos_diyearte (8)




Llevaba tiempo acumulando fotos de peinados que me gustan y he decidido hacer posts de inspiración, y compartirlas así con vosotros. Hoy os muestro distintas trenzas, que tanto se llevan. ¿Qué opináis, os gustan?

I’ve been accumulating for a while pics of hairdos that I liked, and I decided to do inspiration posts to share them with you. Today I show you different braids, which are so in. What do you think? Doy you like them?

Pics via toBchic (the 1st one, from this post), and the rest from Pinterest


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