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30 Dec

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¡Hola, chicos! Siento haberos tenido tan descuidados, pero esque he estado una semanade vacaciones y sin internet. Por aquí os dejo con un outfit muy navideño, en mi opinión, muy acertado para ir a almorzar fuera en familia. ¡Felices fiestas!

Hi, guys! I apologise for not being here for a week, but I’ve been on holidays and without internet. Here you have an outfit that I consider quite appropriate for Christmas, in my opinion, perfect for having lunch with your family. Happy Christmas!

vestido/ dress – Stradivarius (AW 13)

zapatos/ heels – Blanco

clutch – Blanco

collar/ necklace – vintage



23 Dec
As the year draws to a close, for many of us thoughts are turning to what to wear to our New Years Eve celebrations.  I’m such a sucker for dressing up, eating to excess and generally welcoming in the New Year with a sore head. What could be better than doing it all wearing something you made yourself? And when that something is a glittering, shimmering sequin maxi wrap skirt? It might just be the best night of the year. Definitely something you’ll remember long after the memories of that midnight kiss with a prince (fingers crossed) or a frog (more than likely) have faded. Here I leave you a great DIY from Geneva from A Pair and a Spair
DIY sequin maxi skirt3 

You need:
Sequin fabric measuring 1.5 x your waist in length (and 62in in width). It’s best to pick a sequin in a matte colour like bronze or copper for a subtle and less brassy style.
– Velvet ribbon
– Snap buttons
– Instant bond sewing tape (like this)
– Needle and thread
DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 8
Click below to read more!

I’ve wanted to make a sequin maxi skirt for quite some time but haven’t had time to spend carefully sewing all the edges. Luckily I stumbled upon instant bonding fabric tape, which acts like double sided tape but had the necessary stretch for fabric. Usually I wouldn’t be into these quick fixes (preferring to sew where possible) but this one seemed too good not to try with tricky sequins, and so I used it to finish the hems and side edges. If you have more time I definitely encourage machine or hand sewing the edges of your skirt so it lasts longer, but if you’re working to a New Years  Eve deadline, bonding tape might be just the ticket!
DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 9
How to:
Below is the basic pattern for your skirt. It’s super simple and there are only a few basic steps – I took the sequin fabric, made sure it was the right length and width for my body, finished the edges with instant bonding tape, then added velvet ribbon to tie in a bow at the back and finally snap buttons so it all stayed in place nicely.
DIY sequin maxi skirt2

2. Once you’ve cut the piece of fabric to size (everyone’s body is different so play around and trim where necessary), run the instant tape along the hems and side edges of the fabric, about 5cm/2.5in in from the edge.
DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 10
3. Remove the plastic backing the whole way along.
DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 11
4. Fold the edge over and press firmly onto the tape. For best results, fold over twice so no raw edge is showing.
DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 12
5. Do this all the way around the edges of the fabric, folding the sequins if you are dealing with the cut edge. The fabric should end up looking a little like the image below.

DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 14

6. Now you are going to attach the velvet ties which will make sure the skirt is nice and tight around the waistband. Cut the velvet in half (run a lighter/match along the cut edge to stop fraying).  Wrap the skirt around you and at the back pin the velvet ties in place, tying in a bow to check how it sits. Once you are sure they are sitting in the right place, use your needle and thread to sew the velvet ribbon on.
DIY sequin maxi skirt
7. Each side of the velvet ties should look like this. I sewed a few lines to reinforce the two pieces.


DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 16
8.  Sew the snap buttons on using the needle and thread. The pattern at the top shows where I put the buttons, but it is indicative and the easiest way to check where the buttons should go is by putting the skirt on, tying the velvet ribbon and using pins to mark where the buttons should attach on both top ends of the fabric. Make sure to sew the buttons the right way up so they press together properly.
a pair and a spare 5
9. The back of your skirt waistband should look like this once it is done, with one side sitting over the top and one on the underside, both button down nicely.


a pair and a spare 4

And there you go! Such a simple piece for party celebrations, I love pairing mine with a silk midriff top or slouchy singlet and simple black flats.

DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 5


30’s glam

20 Dec








Hoy os traigo unas fotos muy divertidas… No me he cortado el pelo ni me he teñido, es una peluca 😀 Al fin han terminado las clases y tengo algo de tiempo para preparar los posts; así que en los próximos días os daré mas ideas para la Navidad. ¡A descansar!

Today I’m bringing you very funny pics… I haven’t changed my hair, it’s just a wig 😀 Finally I’m on my holidays, so the next day I’ll have time to prepare more posts; so I’ll be able to give you some ideas for Christmas. Get some rest!

vestido/ dress – Pull&Bear

clutch – DIY (you can see the DIY here)

collar/ necklace – Sfera

tacones/ heels – Zara


Hairdos inspo 4 Xmas

18 Dec




500_hair_beauty_ideas_beautiful_peinados_diy_bonitos_diyearte (7)





Sources:,& Theblondesalad



11 Dec







falda/ skirt – Pull & Bear (AW 13)

bolso/ purse – vintage Balenciaga

tacones/ heels – Blanco


Mustard Baroque print

3 Dec









jeresey/ jumper – Zara (A/W 13)

pantalones/ trousers – Pull&Bear (A/W 13)

collar/ necklace- Pull&Bear (A/W 13)

abrigo/ coat – local shop in El Pto Sta María


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