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4 Jul

Le Fashion Blog Nicola Peltz White Stella McCartney Sheer Wave Panel Slip Dress Transformers Blonde Wavy Hair Snake Embossed White Pumps photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Nicola-Peltz-White-Stella-McCartney-Sheer-Panel-Wave-Slip-Dress-Transformers.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Nicola Peltz White Stella McCartney Crochet Lace Midi Dress Transformers Blonde Wavy Hair Snake photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Nicola-Peltz-White-Stella-McCartney-Crochet-Lace-Midi-Dress-Transformers.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Nicola Peltz White Stella McCartney Long Sleeve Gown Transformers Straight Hair Grey Lavender Nails Silver Ring photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Nicola-Peltz-White-Stella-McCartney-Long-Sleeve-Gown-Transformers.jpg
Photos via: W Mag | Perez Hilton | Harper’s Bazaar UK

Nicola Peltz just jumped on my radar with the stunning white Stella McCartney dresses she wore during the Transformers press tour. Can’t decide which look I like the most…


toBchic for Miriam M.R Photography (II)

21 Jun
















toBchic for Miriam M.R Photography (I)

7 May











8¡Buenas noches a todos! Al fin tengo un rato para publicar este post, ¡estaba impaciente! Es una colaboración con la maravillosa fotógrafa Miriam, de Miriam M.R Photography (podéis ver su post aquí). Como podréis recordar, ya trabajamos juntas, además de con las peluqueras y maquilladoras Sencilla y Sofisticada, el año pasado para un reportaje romántico otoñal (aquí tenéis el link del reportaje). Al igual que la vez anterior, ha sido un placer trabajar con Miriam, y como podéis ver, el entorno era de una belleza inigualable: un prado verde con Sierra Nevada de fondo, en un atardecer con un vibrante cielo azul. ¡Gracias!

Good night everyone! I finally have a little while to upload a post, I was impatient! It is a collaboration with the marvelous photographer Miriam, from Miriam M.R Photography (you can see her post here). As you may remember, we  worked together, as well as with Sencilla y Sofisticada, last year (this is the link to that post). It has been a pleasure working with Miriam again, and as you can see, the setting couldn’t be more beautiful: a green meadow with Sierra Nevada in the back in a sunset with a vibrating blue sky. Thanks!

Vestido/ dress – vintage

Tiara floral/ floral headband – Claire’s

Echarpe/ scarf – vintage

Botas/ boots – (from a local shop in Morocco)



The perfect wardrobe–> a guide

21 Apr

The first (and most difficult) step to your leaner, curated wardrobe is to edit it. I actually enjoy this step immensely. There is nothing quite so satisfying when at the end you’re left with a collection of clothing, hanging in your closet, folded on your shelves, that is one-thousand percent you. To help you start one of the most difficult steps, below is a more detailed guide to a successful wardrobe edit:

  • Clear a weekend morning or afternoon, put on your favorite music, brew some coffee and pull all your clothes (yes, that means everything!) out of your closet and sort them by category (dresses, tops, pants, skirts, etc.)
  • Try everything on in front of a full length mirror. Try them in an order the will ease the process (example: tops, jackets, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants) . While trying your clothing on, make sure that what ever else you are wearing is neutral and flattering.
  • Make different piles for the already tried on items. Clothes to keep, clothes to sell, clothes to giveaway and clothes the need repair.
  • Be ruthless. Ask yourself these things: Is the item beyond repair? Have you worn it in the last year? Is the item out of date? Does it fit your overall style concept? Can you think of more than one outfit you can create with the item? Is it comfortable and flattering? Does it make you feel attractive, and 100% yourself? Do you love it?

Follow the same guidelines for your shoes, accessories and undergarments. Only keep what you wear and what is in good condition. Undergarments should be comfortable, intact and (of course) pretty.

Most the time you’ll find that if you haven’t worn an item in the last six months (taking into account the weather) you probably don’t actually like it that much, and wont wear it again. The goal of a perfect wardrobe is to own pieces of clothing the you pull out again and again, that you love, and that you feel yourself in. If you try on something, look in the mirror and don’t feel attractive in it (wrong fit, color, material) then don’t keep it! Even the pieces you still love but are no longer flattering/ no longer your style. I can’t tell you the amount of times I forced myself to face the facts and part with a piece because it wasn’t me anymore. It’s incredibly hard to do, but I have never regretted it. I allow myself a few sentimental pieces (like my mothers caramel suede pencil skirt from the 70’s, and the t-shirt I was wearing when I met my husband). Keep a critical eye and your goal in mind and the results will be well worth it. I often suggest to maybe repeat the cull a week or two later- that way you’ll be sure to clean everything out and not make sentimental choices to keep pieces.

Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a smaller pile of clothing that are in good shape, fit well and make you feel great. Then pat yourself on the back because you have successfully completed on of the harder steps and are well on your way  to your perfectly curated wardrobe.

Source: Wide eyed legless


Hairspiration for Coachella

14 Apr
Per request, this weeks ‘hairspiration’ is inspired by the upcoming Coachella festivities. If you are one of the lucky ones who get to experience this holy grail of music goodness here are a few looks you could rock while rocking out. I know what you are thinking, braids for days (literally), but what’s amazing is that you could rotate through these hairstyles for days without taking a shower. Double bonus!! Oh, and if you happen to be going, might I recommend the following shows: Bastille, Daughter, Ellie Goulding, MGMT, Zedd, Foster the People, James Vincent McMorrow, Lana Del Rey, and Lorde (just to name a few). 
What look would you like me to try next? Share in the comment section below!
Loose side fishtail braid.   Mini braids.
FISHTAIL low up-do.   Fishtail Pigtails.
Now onto the tutorials! 
                               Fishtail braid

TO CREATE: Gather all hair and bring to one side. Loosely fishtail braid and secure with small elastic. Pull a few pieces to give dimension. Add a flower crown to give that extra touch.

                                 Mini Braids





















TO CREATE: Brush through hair and part down the center. On one side, take a small section an inch behind ear and create a small braid. Secure with small elastic. Repeat on other side. 

Fishtail pigtails

TO CREATE: Part hair down the center and create loose fishtail braids on each side, securing with small elastics. Pull a few pieces to give dimension. Add a fun headband for that hippie vibe. 
fishtail low up-do


TO CREATE: Part hair down the center and create loose fishtail braid pigtails, securing with small elastics. Take first braid, lay horizontal along nape bringing to opposite side and pin down with bobbi pin an inch behind ear. Repeat on other side and criss cross. Use as many bobbi pins as needed to help further secure your up-do. Tuck end pieces underneath braids near ear.

Source: Little Lady


INSPO wedding dresses

13 Apr

Yaki Ravid’s 2012 Collection


Sky blue

8 Apr






¡Hola! Hacía mucho que no subía un outfit y que no escribía algo… y esque ando muuy liada últimamente. Aquí os traigo unas fotos con un look muy primaveral en tonos azules, que tanto se llevan (sobre todo el celeste). Espero que os guste y que paséis una magnífica semana 😉

Hi! It’s been a long time since I last posted an outfit and wrote done a few words… I’ve been soooo busy lately. Here I bring you a spring look in blue tones, which are so in this season (mostly sky blue). I hope you like it and that you have a wonderful week 😉


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